Welcome to Worship Quest.

Song. Scripture. Study.

Worship Quest =
a biblical exploration of worship + music

The backstory.

I’ve been a professional vocalist since age 14 and a worship leader for more decades than I care to mention.  Music led me to the truth of the gospel and to a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

When I sit and listen to a sermon, I often come up with a dozen or more songs that fit the message.  There are soundtracks playing in my head when I’m listening to a great sermon. 

Over time I began to study songs that I love.  I studied the lyrics line by line and section by section.  I  focused on key words and related scriptures.  


My hope is that you’ll give this creative method of Bible study a try.  You don’t have to buy the book to do it.  You can start by watching the short video demo below

I stepped out in faith and self-published my first book in January of 2021.  

Song. Scripture. Study.

If you watch this short video, you can see the process that I use.  

In this video I’m studying the chorus of the song “Look What You’ve Done” by Tasha Layton.

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